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天灰 S.H.E. 愛而為一 2011
我們的主題曲 鄭秀文 我們的主題曲 1997
愛在記憶中找他 林峰 L愛在記憶在找你 2007
Diamond Eyes Deftones Diamond Eyes 2010
Wait and Bleed SlipKnot Wait and Bleed 2000
Smile in Your Sleep Sliverstein Discovering the Waterfront 2005
Complicated Avril Lavigne Let Go 2002
Good-Bye Days Yui Good-Bye Days 2006
Crazy Simple Plan Still Not Geting Any.... 2004
American Idiot Green Day American 2004
千千萬萬個我 何韻詩 First 2001
Tonight Luna Sea Lunacy 2000
Zombie The Cranberries No Need To Argue


星晴 周杰倫 周杰倫 Jay 專輯
Time is Running Out Muse Absolution 2003
裙下之臣 陳奕迅 What's Going on...?
Last Resort Papa Roach Infest 2000
This Love Maroon5 Songs About Jane
Pain Jimmy Eat World Futures 2004
Boulevard of broken dream Green Day American Idiot 2004
Black night Deep Purple In Rock 1970
Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Live 1987
Until the day I die Story of the Year Page avenue 2003
High and dry Radiohead The bends 1995
Going Under Evanescence Fallen 2003
Mobile Avril Lavigne Let Go 2002
Just Radiohead The bends 1995
Blood , sex and booze Green Day Warning 2000
Sad but true Metallica Metallica 1991
Like a stone Audioslave Audioslave 2002
Lifestyle of the rich & famous  Good Charlotte
The young and hopeless
Abuse me Silverchair Freak show 1997
Interstate love song Stone Temple Pilots Purpl 1994
Never say goodbye Bon Jovi Slippery when wet 1999
In my place Coldplay A rush of blood to the head
與我常在 陳奕迅 與我常在 1998