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DW Drums http://www.dwdrums.com
Manufacturer of drums, hardware, accessories, and pedals.
Gretsch http://www.gretsch.com
Specializing in vintage guitars (hollowbody acoustic and bass) and percussion.
Ludwig http://www.ludwig-drums.com
Percussion instruments and accessories.
Pearl Drums http://www.pearldrum.com
Official site for the Pearl Corporation, manufacturer of percussion products.
Premier Percussion http://www.premier-percussion.com
Makes drum sets, marching drums, timpani, and tuned percussion.
Slingerland http://www.slingerland.com
Manufacturer of drums.
Tama Drums http://www.tama.com
Manufacturer of drums, hardware, accessories, and pedals.
Yamha Drum World http://www.yamahadrums.com
of drums, hardware, accessories, and pedals.

Zildjian http://www.zildjian.com
Cymbal and drumstick manufacturer.
Sabian Cymbals http://www.sabian.com
Describes the manufacturing process of their various cymbal lines, their uses, pitches, product history and information, press releases, dealer listings, drummer set-ups and catalogue ordering.
Paiste http://www.paiste.com
Cymbals, sounds and gongs for musicians.

Pro.mark http://www.promark-stix.com
Drumsticks manufacturer
Vic Firth http://www.vicfirth.com
Sticks, mallets, and other percussion tools and accessories.
Vater Percussion http://www.vater.com
Manufacturer ... Accessories. List of Endorsing Artists, Advertisements, Press Releases and Product Descriptions.

Latin Percussion ( LP ) http://www.lpmusic.com
Percussion Manufacturer , Lessons , Article ........
Remo http://www.remo.com
Drumheads, percussion instruments, and accessories.

Modern Drummer http://www.moderndrummer.com
Interviews, industry trends, new products, publications, recordings and contest info.
Rhythm & Drums http://www.rittor-music.co.jp/hp/dm/index.htm
A japanese drum magazine .

Adobe Acrobat Reader http://www.chinese-t.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
All scores in this site are in PDF format . If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click the link to
download the free Acrobat Reader.
Real One Player http://www.real.com/realone/index.html?src=downloadr
All videos in this site are in RM format . If you do not have Real Player, click the link to download
the free Real Player.
Metronome Timer 1.3 http://www.programming.de/download/metrotimer.zip
A special timer program, developed for speed reading training. Counts up or down, with customizable metronome tick (emphasized or not, variable speed), plus extra sound every x seconds (when you count up) or x seconds before timer runs off, and when timer has reached zero.
Fast Counter http://www.bcentral.com/fastcounter
Find out with bCentral FastCounter. It's fast, reliable, and free. ... Simply enter your URL, select a counter and we give you the HTML code for your page. ...
Finale http://www.finalemusic.com
Finale 2004 is the ultimate music notation program giving you complete control over every aspect of the printed page while providing powerful control over MIDI input and output.

Bill Burford http://www.billbruford.co.uk
Buddy Rich http://www.buddyrich.com
Carter Beauford http://www.dmband.com/band/band_bio.asp?member=Carter
Dave Weckl http://www.daveweckl.com
Dennis Chambers http://www.dennischambers.com
Jeff Porcaro http://jeffporcaro.net
Simon Phillips http://www.simon-phillips.com

[Friend's Site]
Mono Studio http://monostudio.talkingdrum.com.hk
A rehearsal studio & music school .
Bandsound.Net http://www.bandsound.net
Band show , band info , cd review , bbs and more.....
豆芽菜舖 http://www.guitarplayer.com.tw
a Tai Twan guitarist homepage , guitar lessons , articles , bbs .
Hong Kong Drum Centre http://www.pbase.com/hkdrum
Selling and buying second hand drums , accessories .
Hong Kong Band .com http://www.hongkongband.com
一個本地Band網, 提供一個發生Band事既地方, 討論區, 網站連結,亦可發表你的文章等.
鼓王 2000 http://drum.uhome.net
Drum scores , bbs and more .....
Don Ashley http://www.donashley.com.hk
The best drummer of Asia .
Wing Lo's Page http://www.winglo.listen.to
Hong Kong singer and song writer .
Simon's Drums Web http://www.geocities.com/simon_drum
Information about this drummer from Hong Kong.
大頭佛 http://www.taitaufat.com
The Official web site of Tai Tau Fat .
獨立音樂 http://musvie.tripod.com
Band show , band info , cd review , bbs and more.....
獨立音樂 http://musvie.tripod.com
Band show , band info , cd review , bbs and more.....
本色酒吧 http://www.truecolorclub.com
Underground http://undergroundhk.com